Make a Credit Card Payment

  • This payment will be reviewed and your account will be credited within two business days following the receipt of this payment.
  • Premium Notice: Your premium is due on or before the effective date. If payment is not received on the effective date of the policy, a notice will be sent advising of the late payment and potential policy cancellation.
  • If your policy was cancelled for Non-Payment of premium and your payment is being made after the cancellation date, such payment may not reinstate your coverage.
  • Cancellation payments not received, any amounts owing will be sent to a collection agency.
  • West Wawanosh Mutual Insurance will issue a refund cheque for any over-payment.
  • Should you find any errors related to your billing, or have questions regarding your invoice, please contact your Agent/Broker at the number listed on your policy.
  • You must contact your Agent/Broker to make any policy changes and/or cancellations.

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