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West Wawanosh Mutual Insurance: Supporting our Neighbours since 1879

We still believe insurance is about people.

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Finding the right insurance can be challenging. Navigating an emergency or chaotic situation can be very difficult. That’s where we come in. 

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Our reputation as an exceptional service provider for generations means that you can trust West Wawanosh Mutual Insurance Company with your needs. We’re here to offer security, safety and peace of mind.

Local Roots, Rich History

West Wawanosh Mutual Insurance was established in 1879 by a group of farmers who believed that they were stronger together than individually. There was a very evident need for the farmers to insure their farms against the perils of fire and other companies were just not interested.

Those farmers formed a grass-roots organization and it was agreed the company would be called the West Wawanosh Mutual Fire Insurance Company. The head office was to be in Dungannon and seven Directors be elected for the current year. 

Over the years, West Wawanosh Mutual Insurance Company grew to offer it’s policyholders exceptional farm, residential, auto and commercial insurance, but the belief that we are stronger together has remained the same. We are dedicated to helping our neighbours today, just as our ancestors did in the past. 

Trusted and Experienced

As a member of the Ontario Mutuals, West Wawanosh Mutual Insurance holds a place in the top 20 farm mutuals in premiums written and we are proud to show an excellent level of security and stability through the accumulation of a sizable surplus. 

Additionally, we are members of the Fire Mutuals Guarantee Fund, which guarantees the performance of companies who may have fallen on hard times and are backed by the strength of a solid reinsurer that is wholly owned by the farm mutual companies.

Wide Range of Coverage

A progressive writer of approximately 1,300 Ontario farms, of all sizes, shapes and specialty, West Wawanosh offers a full range of quality insurance including Farm, Residential, Commercial and Automobile insurance. 

We also offer a wide range of coverage that can be blended to make a suitable package for most clients. These products are further complemented by the broad coverage available for homes, cottages and other residential properties.

Invested in Community

We believe in working to support thriving communities in rural Ontario. Our agents, brokers, directors and staff are your neighbours. 

We are invested in supporting local and we are dedicated to helping our communities any way we can. Whether it is giving back through scholarships, spending time at the local Friendship Games, or supporting high school students interested in the insurance industry, we are dedicated to our heritage or supporting our neighbours. 

The Mutual Difference

Not all insurance companies are the same. Mutual insurance companies are different because they are owned by the policyholders. We are not driven by our shareholders or responsible for generating a profit, which can lead to overcharging. We strive to offer fair, consistent and reasonable insurance rates that ensure our policyholders are safe, secure and protected. 

We believe in cooperation and self-reliance.

The History of West Wawanosh Mutual Insurance

Our Proud History Runs Deep.

According to an advertisement, a meeting was called for December 20th, 1878 at the Township of West Wawanosh Council Hall, as to whether it was expedient to organize a Fire Insurance company upon the Mutual Principle. It was moved by John Baillie and seconded by Edwin Gaunt that the meeting be in favour of organizing. Of those in attendance, 70 voted yeas and 12 voted nays. It was moved b Edwin Gaunt and seconded by James Rose that James Johnston, John Baillie, Charles Durnin, Edward Smith McLean, Robert Murray and Archibald Anderson be a committee, with powers to add to their numbers, to take subscriptions from owners of property as to the amounts they will insure as required by the Revised Statutes.

It was agreed the company be called the West Wawanosh Mutual Fire Insurance Company, the head office to be in Dungannon.

The Directors elected by ballot were: Charles Girvin, Charles Durnin, Thomas E. Finlay, Wm Farquharson, John Cantelon, Edwin Gaunt and Thomas H. Taylor. At a meeting on April 12th, 1879, Charles Girvin was appointed President, Thomas E. Finlay, Vice President and Robert Murray Secretary-Treasurer.

The Company directors were the agents and the company commenced business May 1st, 1879.

Here are some interesting bits about us through time.
1879 - Present

HISTORY 1894 Policy Charles Walters
The Beginning
The Company directors were the agents and the company commenced business May 1st, 1879.
Risks accepted were farm property, churches and school houses situated out of the limits of a village survey. The board meetings were held in the Township Council hall on the first Tuesday of the month.
Steam Engines Introduced
The introduction of steam engines for threshing caused great concern for the Directors and an additional fee was charged where steam engines were used. At the Annual Meeting of May 22nd, 1886, the Board of Directors was increased to nine members with three members retiring each year. Mr. Charles Girvin, was President of the company for the first nineteen years.
A Four Year Policy
A Four Year Policy
HISTORY 1901 Annual Report
Early 1900's
By the year 1900, the amount of insurance at risk had increased. At the Annual Meeting of February 2nd, 1916 districts were allocated for the election of Directors namely by Township districts a practice carried out for many years by the company. The company purchased the building from Thomas G. Allen for $2,500. Reinsurance was being shared with neighbouring Mutuals: Howick, McKillop, Hay, Dufferin, Elma and Usborne and Hibbert.
1938 Early Policy
Policy Receipt from 1938, amount $3.90
Early Board of Directors Photos
1972 First Agents WWMIC
First Agents
Old Mascot2
Old Mascot
West Wawanosh Insurance Board of Directors
Board of Directors
Newspaper article, Best Report in 92 year history of WWMIC
New Dungannon Office Construction
New Dungannon Office Construction
New Dungannon Office
Dungannon Office Grand Opening
New Mascot2
New Mascot
Board of Directors
2011 Goderich Tornado
New Goderich Office being built
West Wawanosh Office in Goderich Ontario
New Office in Goderich, ON
New Office in Goderich, ON

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