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West Wawanosh Mutual now provides more than peace of mind to our policyholders.  We are pleased to announce the introduction of legal assistance and identity theft support services.

The legal services are free and unlimited to our Property Policyholders.  To access the services, you simply need to call the following toll free number:  1-877-462-1471.  The services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days per year.

All of the lawyers are experienced, knowledgeable and will provide you with clear information and provide you with any next steps.

The identity theft support services provides access to an identity restoration consultant who is an experienced lawyer with specific training to provide ongoing advice to you until your identity has been restored.  A description of the services is also provided on the attached brochure.

Please refer to the resource folder on this website for the brochure which lists the legal advisory services that are available for both personal and business issues and a description of the service provided for identity theft prevention, loss and restoration. A document with a list of FAQs is also provided for your reference.

We appreciate your ongoing support of our Mutual Company!

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